Genex Marketing Agency Ltd. provides planning, marketing and branding solutions for businesses that are seeking marketing support to increase leads, revenue and/or brand awareness.

We represent and are advocates for our clients, developing strategic solutions and innovations that are designed not only to capitalize on opportunities present today, but also to intercept future change, staying on the forefront of the industry; leading by example.

Our unique and flexible virtual business model allows us to quickly adapt to change and scale to meet the needs of our clients with relative speed and ease while maintaining a high quality, strictly controlled product.



Genex Marketing

  • Multiple Best of Business Awards – Best PR / Marketing Firm
  • DigiTech Awards Platinum – Best Web Design Firm
  • DigiTech Awards Silver – Best Overall Website
  • Business to Business Excellence award 2016

Our Clients

We value every relationship we have with our clients and try to treat everyone with the same respect and dignity that we would want to be treated with. Honesty, integrity and trust are at the core of every relationship we develop and maintain. We are interested in long term success and strategy where we all win; not a short term gain.

Every single business we deal with is different and we embrace that. We have the fortune of learning from a wide breadth of business types, sizes and situations over the past 10 years. We listen and learn from what our clients have to say and in return they listen to what we have to offer.


Without a strong community, family and culture we are lost. That might seem like a bold statement but we stand behind it with our deepest conviction. Whenever possible, Genex Marketing contributes and gives back to the communities that we work in and that mean so much to us, giving back through sponsorship, donations and in kind services.

Our Team

  • Chris Botterill – President & GM
  • Lance Smith – Production Manager
  • Brandi O’Neill – Operations Manager
  • Kyla Cornish – Social Media Coordinator
  • Sandro Salsi – Google AdWords Account Manager
  • Robin Aitkens – Writer, Editor, QA & Email Marketing
  • Omar Trujillo – Web Developer
  • Kim Cuong – Web Developer
  • Sujil SB – Web Developer
  • Nikhil Tom – System Administrator (Server Management)

Client Testimonials

We’d never had a website for our business before and were unsure of what we wanted. After talking with Chris, he had a good idea of what layout direction our site should have. During the process we were kept up to date on how things were progressing and what input we’d like to see. When the website was completed we were very happy, it was just what our business needed. Our customers like being about to browse through our job photos and see exactly what it is we do.
Summit Concrete Finishing

My goal was to create a logo and website but what I got was an invaluable experience in marketing. The team at Genex Marketing always made sure to give me detailed explanation of what our goals were and how we were going to accomplish them.I had become part of the team in creating the vision for my business. Not once did I feel lost in the process. If anything, I felt empowered and confident to help create what is now the marketing tool for the development of my business.I was surprised how accurate the team at Genex Marketing was in creating my vision. They got to know me as an entrepreneur and doctor. As a result, they put out a business logo and website that represented that.I had envisioned a sun rise in my head for a logo but I did not tell them that is what I was thinking for an idea. Surprisingly they came up with such a logo!
Suncrest Wellness

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