How to get great results from working with a graphic designer

Lance Smith | You’ve got a great product. You’ve poured your hard earned money and your heart into it. You’ve got a vision for the future. Maybe you even know who you are planning to sell it to. If you really want to get your product out there, you are going to need to employ […]

Inspire Marketing and Media Merges with Genex Marketing!

We are excited to announce that, effective Oct. 1, 2021, Inspire Marketing and Media is merging with Genex Marketing. Going forward, our agencies will operate as one – Genex Marketing – with offices in Lethbridge and Cranbrook. Clients can rely on the same personal working relationships they’ve enjoyed in the past. Our companies have worked […]

Facebook Advertising: 5 Key Metrics to Focus On

Kirsten Armleder| Facebook is a highly effective and affordable way to advertise your business. The platform allows for precise targeting options and provides advertisers with a lot of data – so much so that it’s easy to get lost in all the various feedback metrics. So which ones should you focus on? Here are some […]

Is Posting Enough to Grow Your Business on Social Media?

Kirsten Armleder| So, you have a Facebook Page. What now? You’ve probably read or heard it said that producing high quality content on a regular basis is the way to get more followers and grow your business on social media. While it is true that consistent, quality content converts, it takes getting in front of […]

Creating a Compelling Call to Action

Jade Bradley| When writing for marketing, an important question to ask yourself is “how do I get my reader to become a customer?” One of the oldest and most effective ways to motivate someone to take the next step toward becoming a customer is to end your message with a call to action. What is […]

The Benefits of Remarketing

Sandro Salsi| Remarketing (also known as retargeting) allows digital marketers to show ads to people who have visited your website in the past. These ads serve as a gentle reminder to potential customers of their desire to make a purchase on your platform, ideally enticing them to return to complete their transaction. 10 benefits of […]

Where Does Remarketing Fit in the Sales Funnel?

Sandro Salsi| You are probably familiar with the sales process. In digital marketing, the funnel takes a website visitor from awareness to conversion, providing the sales team with a way to know where in the process the lead lies (at what stage of the funnel a prospect is). If you read our blog post, What […]

What is Remarketing and How does it Work?

Sandro Salsi| Remarketing is about targeting users who have shown interest in your products and services by visiting your web property in the past. Remarketing is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business by driving more leads or prospects and help with brand recognition. What is remarketing? Also known as retargeting, remarketing […]

Personal Preferences VS. Creating an Effective Brand

Lance Smith | When designing a logo or a brand it’s important to detach from your personal preferences and think about the big picture: what effect will your material have on, not just you, but your audience. Effective visual designers have to think deeply about the business in question, and about how we can visually […]