facebook advertising

Facebook has over 1 billion active users (monthly) on their platform. There is no question that this is the main social source that people use to gather and communicate about news, current events and various opinions. Facebook tracks and stores all this information and makes it available to agencies like Genex Marketing to isolate and communicate to target audiences.

Facebook Now

• Create / Update your Facebook Page • Unique content posts (Up to 2 posts weekly)(Ongoing targeted advertising) • Basic page moderation (Forward inquiries and leads to you)(Moderate spam & offensive comments) • Geographical Marketing (Isolate local market)

Facebook Now Plus

• Everything in Facebook Now • Sharing: Community news/event share, Contextually relevant sharing • Up to 2 shares per month (Expanded Geographical Market) • Target outside local market

Facebook Behavioural Tech

• Enhanced regional targeting • Potential display advertising on Facebook Instant Articles • Re-targeting and re-marketing to past website visitors • Unique graphics