Agency Marketing

You need a new strategy. A website. And a strong social media presence. But where to begin? Let Genex Marketing take care of it all.

As a full-service marketing agency, we coordinate your marketing across all mediums, from the traditional world of radio, print and TV to the digital realm of social media, online search and Google AdWords. We’ll assess your needs, helping you choose the most effective methods for your business and budget.

The advantage? When you bring your marketing under one roof, it remains consistent. And consistency is the key to executing a successful marketing strategy.

The Cost Advantage

Why hire a marketing manager when Genex Marketing can take care of it all, in half the time and a fraction of the cost? Our team of designers, programmers, writers and digital experts work collaboratively, drawing upon each other’s strengths to create materials and messaging that resonate with your customers.

We’re highly adaptable, constantly evolving with your business. Our approach to marketing is actionable, cohesive and extremely effective.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“With an ever expanding business we were having a tough time putting in place a solid marketing program. We made the decision to hire a marketing company and brought Genex Marketing on board in January of 2016. This was a major decision, as the marketing company represents the business at the forefront of any marketing tool that is used. With their diligence in staying ahead of the cure in the electronic advertising world we have seen a 10% increase in growth since making the decision to hire Genex. We can now focus on what we know best, running the business, knowing the marketing is in the hands of the professionals.

“The team at Genex Marketing has been easy to work with in developing and managing our ongoing Facebook marketing for our business. The Facebook strategy has far surpassed our expectations with tens of thousands of people reached every month and new business that is a direct result of the Facebook marketing activities. We are looking forward to seeing what else happens as Genex Marketing rolls out their behavioral marketing program that zeros in on the behaviors and interests of our target market. Highly recommended.”

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