Google Marketing

Over 3.5 billion Google searches take place every day. How is that even possible? Because Google is inextricably linked to our lives. It’s in our hands, our homes and our vehicles. It’s how customers find everything.

But there’s more to Google than its search engine.

Relevant Advertising

At Genex Marketing, we use latest technology to target your customers based on their proximity to your business at certain times of the day (ie. pizza by the slice at 1 p.m.).

We can also get your business to appear inside mobile apps using Google’s display ad network. Scary, we know. But extremely effective.

Google’s ad network includes YouTube, popular news sites, regional sites and sites relevant to your offerings, so no matter where your customers are, we put your message in front of them.

Website Retargeting

We can turn passive visitors to your website into active customers by retarketing with key messages designed to enhance conversions.

Adwords Partner

Google AdWords is a highly effective marketing tool that allows companies like yours to appear first in searches. Truth be told, this system is not easy. As a Google AdWords partner, Genex Marketing takes the burden off your shoulders, analyzes your audience and ensures you get the best pay-per-click performance.

See where you appear in searches:

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