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Targeted Efficiency in Marketing

Since 2008 we have been working with businesses to reach their target audience to generate new leads and increase revenue.

However, we started recognizing that success was dependent on following through with a consistent strategy – many business fell back on a strategy of “If you build it, they will come” – launching a website then doing nothing to make it work for them.


Some businesses would try to implement strategies on their own while others would hire someone to perform these duties for them. Time became too precious to divert from core business tasks or too costly by relying on a single person with limited specializations so many businesses would either give up or start again creating an unproductive circle of spending with little to no result.Throughout this process we learned the simple adage of “Do what you’re good at” could not be more true. Our clients were excellent at what their core business was about, much how we were specialists in multiple forms of marketing. From this, our Agency Services program was born – a program that allows businesses to monitor, measure and learn while they focus on doing what they do best and having us do what we are best at for them.

Agencies Aren’t Just for Nike

The beautiful thing about the modern era of digital marketing is that gaining marketing support from an agency is no longer exclusive to conglomerates like Pepsi, Nike or General Motors. A new breed of marketers have been on the rise and can now offer their services to smaller businesses without a giant price tag.

Another benefit in working with an agency like Genex Marketing is that often we are able to re-tool your marketing budget to maintain, and sometimes even decrease your overall budget by focusing into new, much more cost effective strategies.

As your agency, we act on your behalf, planning and executing a marketing strategy. You are provided constant updates and reports so everyone knows what is going on. What’s more, you gain access to our entire team of experts that includes designers, web developers, writers, digital marketers and social media managers – this ensures a professional and consistent program that is effective in all your marketing.

What Does Genex Marketing Do?

The sky’s the limit. From developing your annual marketing plan to negotiating your ad rates to developing ad creatives, we have a full team of marketing professionals that take care of the details for you. While we specialize in digital marketing in areas like Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, email marketing and website updates, we can also take care of your radio, print, direct marketing and even signage. It’s all dependent on your business needs.

Should I Consider Agency Services?

Are you tired of fumbling with your ad dollars, wondering if what you are doing is working? Are you curious about how social media, Google AdWords and other digital strategies can work for you? Maybe you feel you are spending too much on your marketing?

Contact us today for a free confidential assessment (complete with a non-disclosure agreement) to learn more about the services we provide and how you might benefit from working with us.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide agency marketing services exclusively to individuals based on the market they serve and the industry they operate within.

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