Company History

Since 2008, Genex Marketing Agency Ltd. has worked with businesses in Western Canada and abroad providing planning, marketing and branding solutions.

We love what we do, and we think you will love what we can do for you!

Our Community

Without a strong community, family and culture we are lost. That might seem like a bold statement, but it’s one we stand behind with our deepest conviction. Whenever possible, we contribute and give back to the communities in which we work. It’s extremely important to us to give back to our community through sponsorship, donations and in-kind services.


Multiple Best of Business Awards

Best PR / Marketing Firm

DigiTech Awards Platinum

Best Web Design Firm

DigiTech Awards Silver

Best Overall Website

Business to Business Excellence Award 2016

Our Team

Chris is the founder and President of Genex Marketing, a marketing agency that helps businesses find and increase leads and sales through social media, search and behavioural marketing. Chris helps businesses eliminate the risk and liability of hiring and training staff by offering agency marketing services to manage marketing and branding.

Since 2001, Chris has been applying concepts and experience from his background in computer networking and business development to help businesses become more responsive and purposeful in the way they promote their business. In return, these businesses can maintain focus on efficiency and growth in their core business operations.

But Chris isn’t just a tech-minded shut-in; he is an active networker and believes that the best form of marketing is (and will always be) word of mouth. As an active member in the community, Chris has held positions as Director, Vice President and President of the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce. He is involved in other community initiatives related to economic development, tourism, local history and is also a member of JCI. 

Chris currently resides in Cranbrook, BC but thrives on the challenge that comes with working remotely with businesses abroad. If you want to talk digital marketing and don’t mind being creeped out by what the world is becoming, Chris would love to chat with you.

A U-Vic Graduate originally from Kimberley, Matt’s background is in communication, business and technology. With over 10 yrs experience working on all sides of marketing world including print, creative, web development, and management – Matt Connects with clients and gains a deep appreciation of their unique situation, pouring passion and energy into whatever he does.

A key member of the Genex Marketing team since its early years, Lance is a creative force hailing from the mystical island of Gabriola in the Pacific North West. He is an expert in Brand development and all things graphical with over 17 years of experience in the field working with a variety of clients in Western Canada and abroad.

Passionate and committed professional with a multidisciplinary approach among code programming and design. Experience in designing and implementing full stack sophisticated online web applications trough 20+ years. Proficient in web technologies, graphic design, audio engineering, and video edition and post-production. Worked with major renown multinational corporations providing tangible results in brand exposure, sales, UX implementations and marketing campaigns.

She knows what makes people click. With a strong understanding of analytics in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, Kyla is an expert in social media. She has been part of the Genex Marketing Team for 5 years and loves watching our clients grow through their social presence. Not only does she have a certificate in Social Media (yeah, that’s a thing), she has had a successful career in broadcasting and a large following on her personal blog Mommy’s Weird. When not working wiGenex Marketingth , she speaks at conferences around Canada and contracts as a social media manager, consultant and instructor with her business Social Jelly. Her favourite thing is helping small businesses succeed and bbq potato chips.

As a writer for Genex Marketing, Kirsten’s job is to connect with our clients, digging deeper into their business story to find the purpose and passion. With a solid professional background in writing for web, print and social media, her goal is to produce an accurate, lively and creative portrayal of a brand or individual that will engage the target audience. Born and raised (mostly outdoors) in the East Kootenay region of B.C., Kirsten brings a strong local connection to the team.

Sandro joined the digital world back in 1998, after having built up professional experience in various sectors such as the cruise industry (Telecom Officer). Sandro is a PPC Specialist with over 19 years-experience in the field. Curious, well-organized and eager to face new challenges he’s in control of search and paid campaigns for Genex Marketing clients.

Our Business Model

Our multi-talented team works remotely. They reside wherever they want, and are free to live the lifestyles they want to live. This work style makes us stronger. We come together with diverse perspectives and create truly adaptable and well-rounded solutions. Our unique and flexible virtual business model allows us to quickly adapt to change and scale to meet the needs of our clients with speed and ease, while maintaining a high-quality, strictly controlled product.