Behavioural Tech Experts

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What We Do

Using cutting-edge specialized tools, we help you target customers based on their behaviours and preferences in ways that have never been possible before. We’re the behavioural technology experts. Recent advances in search and social media marketing created huge opportunities for advertising that allow companies to directly connect with their target audience—the exact people who will benefit the most from their offerings.

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Who We Are

Genex Marketing Agency Ltd. provides planning, marketing and branding solutions for businesses that want marketing support to increase leads, revenue and/or brand awareness. We represent—and are advocates for—our clients, developing strategic solutions and innovations that are designed to capitalize on opportunities present today and create future change, leading by example and staying on the forefront of the industry. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes—from corporations and small businesses to job seekers and politicians—and are experts at targeting content to their specific needs.

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