Personal Preferences VS. Creating an Effective Brand

Lance Smith | March 21, 2021

When designing a logo or a brand it’s important to detach from your personal preferences and think about the big picture: what effect will your material have on, not just you, but your audience.

Effective visual designers have to think deeply about the business in question, and about how we can visually communicate clearly and appropriately who they are, so as to connect with potential customers.

It’s good and fine to add some of your personal style, if, for example, your personal touch is an important aspect of your business, but if it doesn’t compliment the message that you are putting forth to your customers, then it’s best to leave it out.

Every combination of fonts, colours and aesthetics set a different tone that will create different results for those who come into contact with your material.

Let go of your personal feelings about your favourite colours, fonts and aesthetics; think about what they will actually do for your business.

Case in point:

On the episode “Don’t worry it’s His Sister” of the critically acclaimed TV show, Schitt’s Creek, Roland Schitt, founder of the town of Schitt’s Creek is very sentimental about the town sign and the new owner, Johnny Rose, wants to replace it with something more appropriate for the times. Roland’s attachment to this sign, which represents to him family and tradition, blinds him to the fact that the majority of people do not share his experiences and worldview. If Roland could have let go of his attachment to his personal preference, perhaps the town of Schitt’s Creek might have been able to change their image for the better.  

by: Lance Smith


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