Tips for working from home from the people who do it successfully

Working from home is great, right – no commute, more flexible schedule, greater autonomy… the list goes on! For many people who transitioned to working from home during the pandemic it is a perfect fit.

But working from home doesn’t come without its own set of unique challenges – some of which aren’t experienced until you’ve been doing it for awhile. Which is why if you plan to start working from home or keep working from home post-pandemic, you’ll want to be proactive, to make sure you continue to enjoy it and stay healthy and productive.

Nearly every member of the team here at Genex Marketing works from home and has done so for some time. Here are some of our tips:

  1. Create a ritual for starting and ending your day.

It’s important to create a ritual for starting and ending your day to transition from work to home. This doesn’t have to be much, but you must give your mind an anchor to switch between work mode and home mode. Some ideas include going for a walk or bike ride, playing guitar, and of course the morning coffee always works great to get into work mode.

  1. Dress like you’re going to the office (or at the very least get dressed!).

Though it is tempting, staying in your pajamas can make it difficult to get into work mode, not to mention lead to some awkward moments when that unexpected Zoom call comes in! Wear comfortable clothes, but also be mindful of the shift that happens in your brain when you go through all the motions of getting ready for work.

  1. Set deadlines for yourself

You may not be as closely monitored as you usually are working in the office, so setting deadlines for your tasks helps you stay on top of your workload and on track for things that need to get done.

  1. Remove distractions

It’s easy to get distracted when working from home. Make sure you choose to work in a room or area of your home with the fewest distractions possible and treat it as though you are at the office. It also helps to make sure all house chores are done before work, so you’re not tempted to sneak off and do those dishes that are piling up.

  1. Book lunch off.

When working form home, it’s easy to become unaware of lunch time or just power through it – but breaks are important to your health and mental well-being. Enjoy a half hour eating your lunch outside, eat while FaceTiming with a friend or dig in while watching the latest episode of the Bachelorette! It helps prevent burn out.

  1. Clean your workspace.

When you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling to stay focused or gain motivation, clean your work area. This works in your home office as well as a remote office, but I have found that getting my workspace clean and clear always gives a renewed focus and ambition to get my work tasks done!

  1. Check in with teammates.

Isolation is a common problem when working from home. Sending your co-workers a quick “hello” or giving them a phone call to discuss projects instead of just emailing them will help you feel closer when you can’t physically be with your team. You could also use a team messaging app, like Slack, for talking about common interests or organizing meetups for people in the same area. Even if you’re an introvert and don’t like socializing much, give it a go so that you’re familiar with the tools and get closer to your coworkers. It also helps with you being more productive at work.


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