Top 3 Myths about Search Advertising

Chris Botterill | February 1, 2022

Since the early 2000s when Internet marketing soared in popularity, successful businesses have been learning to connect to customers online and through devices by what is called “search advertising.” Though extremely cost effective and powerful, many businesses still don’t use this strategy. 

Here are the top 3 search myths:

Myth #1: Search doesn’t apply to my business

Studies have shown that nearly 90% of Internet users use search engines when making purchase decisions. Further, think how often you use the search engine to look up business hours, menus and addresses, or simply use search engines for general information or research.

Your own habits might be revealing, but considering Google’s total knock out of the Big Yellow Phone Book as the #1 look-up choice for consumers, it is no surprise that this platform presents a great advertising opportunity.

At Genex, in the early 2000s we recognized this powerful digital trend and positioned ourselves deep into technology to keep ahead of it. We believe search advertising is crucial to almost all marketing strategies, especially with modest budgets. This leads us to the next common myth.

Myth #2: It is only for the big players

The same tools are available to you! You may be aware that the giant corporations long ago purchased, often through expensive bidding wars, the coveted big buzz keywords on Google. To translate to Economics 101, that would be the “Buy Widget Now” keywords. This usually connects a searcher who is ready to buy to a very large company. As a rule, the more general the word the more valuable, making it very expensive.

However, there is a back-door strategy that we have been helping clients navigate successfully for years. In fact, it has become our most cost-effective, path of least resistance strategy for our clients.

Using years of experience in digital search technology, we use more specific and therefore more affordable words that, when strung together in phrases, bring you in front of the customers who are looking for YOU.

These phrases are called Long-Tails, which Internet searchers use in queries or questions.

Essentially, the customer who uses longtails has a problem and is looking for a solution or something with a very particular feature, like “organic Widgets with double insulation.” We can strategically employ these words into winning combinations that will link the Google searcher to your unique services and products.

Myth #3: It is expensive

Not only does stringing together affordable words in a particular way make search advertising cost-effective, but it is also the path of least resistance because it connects you directly to a customer who is seeking the answer your product or service provides.

In fact, for our clients with leaner budgets, this is where we advise their resources to be allocated. This technique brings in less customers than giant corporations’ expensive words, but it has an extremely high conversion rate.

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