Building value into your brand: where the rubber meets the road

Chris Botterill | March 1, 2022

The earlier blogs in this series covered the digital marketing strategies to identify and reach your target audience to meet the needs of your ideal customer. Your ad messaging, product, website, and all other cogs in the wheel drive the transaction forward, simultaneously building a relationship with the customer. A complete buying cycle is a strong indicator of the customer’s confidence in your ability to meet their needs, but the cornerstone of the relationship is trust.

No exact metrics exist for values like trust, but it contributes to your brand equity, which is the overall worth of your business name.

Brand equity is a result of action, not words. And is based on earned trust.  Your business model is based on your core values, making you part of the brand. So, the initial contact with a customer is the opportunity to start promoting your values.  A balanced digital marketing strategy highlights your core values and is woven through retargeting campaigns and your website.  Your customer support procedures then carry that through after the sale.  

Values might be conveyed through different channels such as:

  • Community involvement
  • Group/Team sponsorship
  • Charitable donations
  • Fundraisers
  • Robust and interesting bio featuring you and your team
  • Low employee turnover
  • Awards/Recognitions
  • Testimonials 
  • Blogs

Many business owners find it difficult to talk about their attributes, so it can be helpful to use professional writers and designers to tell the world about your values across your platforms while authentically aligning your message to your brand. 

Though you and your brand are inextricably linked, many businesses overlook or underutilize opportunities to share value through mediums such as: 

1. Your Bio

Many people value relationships over information or price and want to know who they are transacting with.  A detailed and well-crafted biography can enhance customer trust.  If the customer knows you have four kids and grew up in the same town, there is a good chance you won’t be packing up tomorrow. 

2. Team Photos

This is often the hardest task for businesses who are rebranding or building websites as some people would rather get a root canal then get a photo taken! However, for customers to see who they are dealing with creates a connection and trust in the business.  We advise that you don’t ask your staff to submit photos, as they likely won’t do it. Often, submitted photos are low quality or poor composition. We recommend that you pick a set location, set up a backdrop and offer a few times to choose from, making it easy but unavoidable for the camera-phobic team members. Use quality lighting and perhaps a professional photographer/camera for the best results. This is an integral element of your branding, and you want everyone to look and feel their best.

3. Testimonials

Displaying testimonials from satisfied customers who are willing to refer their friends and family is a powerful trust-builder.  By sharing positive experiences that real people have had with your business, the perspective customer will gain confidence in your brand.  We recommend asking your customers for testimonials, and perhaps assist in writing them.

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