The Digital Darkside: Brand Bombs

Chris Botterill | April 1, 2022

Word-of-mouth advertising on the digital scene can spread fast, hence the term “viral.”  The downside is that it only takes a moment for your reputation to be eroded. The damage can be catastrophic to you personally as well as your brand, affecting your livelihood and inflicting psychological harm. 

Bad reviews

Current statistics indicate that 10-70% of reviews are manipulated, usually to dissuade customers from transacting with a business. It could be from competitors or your former partner or a random attack, but negative reviews heavily influence how your brand is perceived. 

Social Media Slander

Many people use their social media platforms as tools to bully or harass businesses. It can cause psychological pain, drive your sales down and destroy your reputation. You and your brand are inextricably linked, for better or for worse. On the other side of the social media coin, you may have posted something online that others took offence to, which resulted in being cyber-shamed or worse – the target of a “cancel culture” campaign.

In certain circumstances, professional reputation management may be required for:

  • A public announcement / apology
  • Re-branding
  • Remedies like filing claims to have false reviews removed

Professional Reputation Management Services

Choosing the most impactful words and not reacting with emotion are some of the advantages of using professional reputation management services like those offered at Genex. As well, our expertise in digital marketing enables us to swiftly deal with getting cyber claims filed to remove false and malicious reviews and more.

We recommend these easy, effective, and affordable reputation management guidelines for your team to stay on top of things:

  • Get customers to write reviews on the sites that matter the most to you
  • Alert everyone on your team when new reviews are published
  • Respond quickly and easily from a central command centre
  • Prevent unhappy customers from damaging your reputation online
  • Receive reports and ROI on customer review trends

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