Benefits of Google Analytics for Service-Based Businesses

Michelle Hunt | June 1, 2022

All types of businesses benefit from the powerful tools within the Google Analytics platform, including those that primarily deal with people one-to-one.

These business models, such as coaching, health care practitioners and other services offer time in exchange for fees, and very often when the schedules are full are not able to expand their revenue further; there simply is not enough time left in the day.

They are successful, with highly satisfied clients, so the next step in growth may be to offer online events, workshops, or retreats where the business can reach many people at once. These types of businesses often rely on their customer lists, comprised of engaged and loyal customers, as their primary audience to target new offerings.

Google Analytics can help businesses understand their customers even better through a simple customer list.

For example, say you are a one-to-one service provider who is going to offer an in-person workshop. Your standard procedure is to send out a link to your website’s registration page. However, armed with Google Analytics, you can test different versions or “campaigns” of the offer and compare the number of registrations with each one.

Different campaigns could include:

  • a promo code with $50 off
  • a free bonus with sign up
  • a guest speaker
  • no special offer

Each campaign would have a different Google Analytics code, so it is easy to compare how successful each campaign was at getting the audience to sign up. The business owner gets a better sense of the customers’ values and motivations and can fine tune the offerings even more over time.


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