Finally, now you can launch your e-commerce store or booking website and only have to pay for 25% of the costs!

The BC government just announced the launch of a program where they will cover 75% of your costs, up to $7,500, to create an e-commerce store or online booking system. What’s more, the funding they give you includes online advertising – so you can launch your website and start collecting customer leads immediately!

How we can help you?

Genex Marketing has created a simple quiz to help you understand what fees are covered by the program and what aren’t. In 5 short minutes of taking our Launch Online quiz, you will get a cheat sheet so that you will be able to indicate what you qualify for and set yourself up in the application.

Don’t wait to apply because
it’s a limited time offer!

The funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, which means if you don’t apply right away you could miss this opportunity and find yourself paying for all the costs to launch your business online.