A strong brand identity always starts with your logo. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need a logo that is distinct, memorable and communicates your message clearly.

But getting your logo right the first time isn’t easy – and if you don’t, not only could you get into legal trouble but end up with a logo that may look good on your business card but loses proportion on your social media profiles, vehicle wrap, or the delicate threads of company jackets.

Fatal mistakes could end up costing you thousands of dollars,
not to mention the ripple effects on customer recognition and loyalty.

It is easy to underestimate the power of branding, especially when you’re a small company. To make matters worse, in a few years the logo that feels right for your business today may not reflect or be easily updated to accommodate key changes in your business.

But if you want a custom logo that sets your business apart looks impressive everywhere it goes without having to worry about making a costly and perhaps embarrassing mistake, then you need the help of an experienced design and marketing team. What’s more, with the right team, you can get a professional logo designed quickly and affordably.


1. Contextual Relevancy:
Considering your business type, industry and the science behind colours and shapes, our professional designers will create a logo that appeals to your audience while highlighting the strengths of your organization.
2. Versatility:
When designing your logo, we consider all the possible locations it may need to appear and design for clarity and compatibility across all platforms. Your logo will look impressive no matter if it’s your Facebook page, a tiny pen or a massive billboard.
3. Non-Generic:
Your logo is not plucked from a catalog or pieced together from a template, but rather custom designed to be exclusive to your brand.
4. Streamlined Process:
Designing a custom logo does not need to take weeks or even days. Our team uses a proven process that respects your time and money.


Effective logo design is more than just impressive artwork. Drawing upon decades of design and marketing experience, our designers have a keen understanding of the emotional science behind branding and know how just to make your brand recognizable and get your message across in the few seconds you have to connect with your audience.

Having worked with hundreds of local businesses, as well as big brands, on not only logo design but branding and re-branding projects for both digital and print, we know the value in getting your logo right the first time. All this talk of logo design and branding may have you wondering how we stack up. If you’re still not convinced that we’re right for you, here are some additional reasons you may want to check out:

Expert Essentials

Clear Connection:
It’s memorable… but for the right reasons? Professional designers will help you avoid confusion and ensure that your brand is interpreted properly by your target audience.
Industry Relevance:
Is bright red really the best choice for a vegan restaurant? What about brown for a plumbing business… Get a logo that brings the right energy to your brand from a team of experts who have worked with businesses across a variety of industries.
Superior Quality:
Amateur hour is over! Look professional and trustworthy with a logo that has all the key elements to set your brand apart.
There may come a time when you need to update your brand. Make sure the logo you have now can be altered slightly over time without completely alienating customers with a completely new brand identity.

Best Practices

Multiple Concepts:
Why stop at just one incredible concept when you can have two! We provide you with two initial designs to choose your favourite.
Brand Continuity:
You’ll receive an online logo package with different variations of your logo, including black and white treatments, to ensure continuity, no matter where you need it to appear.
Multiple File Formats:
One format won’t work everywhere! That’s why we supply your logo in a variety of key file formats so that you’ll be able to use your logo anywhere.

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