Chris Botterill

Chris is the founder and President of Genex Marketing. Chris draws from his experience in IT, marketing, and business development to help businesses become more measured, confident, and strategic in their digital marketing efforts. He believes that Genex Marketing enables organizations to maintain focus on operational efficiencies by offloading many of the distractions and complexities […]

Matt Lamb

A U-Vic graduate originally from Kimberley, B.C., Matt’s background is in communication, business and technology. With over 10 years experience working on all sides of the marketing world—including print, creative, web development and management—Matt connects with clients and gains a deep appreciation for their unique situation, pouring passion and energy into everything he does.

Lance Smith

A key member of the Genex Marketing team since its early years, Lance is a creative force hailing from the mystical island of Gabriola in the Pacific Northwest. He is an expert in Brand development and all things graphical with over 21 years of experience in the field working with a variety of clients in […]

Omar Trujillo

Omar is a passionate and committed professional with a multidisciplinary approach among code programming and design. He has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing full stack sophisticated online web applications. He is also proficient in web technologies, graphic design, audio engineering, video editing and post-production. Prior to joining our team in 2016 […]

Zee Ali

Zee is our coding guru. With a high level of expertise in everything WordPress – from theme customization to custom plugin development – there isn’t a WordPress related issue Zee can’t handle. He’s highly proficient in PHP coding language and well versed in all the highly technical aspects of web development that run behind the […]

Kyla Cornish

She knows what makes people click. With a strong understanding of analytics in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, Kyla is an expert in social media. She loves watching our clients grow their social presence. Not only does she have a certificate in social media (yeah, that’s a thing), she has had a successful career […]

Kirsten Armleder

Kirsten is the Marketing Manager at Genex Marketing, where she oversees our inbound marketing program to drive awareness and demand for our services. Prior to her role as Marketing Manager, Kirsten served as a Writer, Editor and Social Media Coordinator at Genex. She is highly creative, yet extremely analytical and always up for a new […]

Jade Grant

As a writer at Genex Marketing, Jade loves helping people and businesses express themselves! With a background working in website and social media writing and over 10 years experience in marketing, administration, and customer service, Jade knows how to turn your words into content that promotes your services in the best way possible! Jade graduated […]

Lena Diesel

Lena is our bookkeeper at Genex Marketing and she’s happy to help all our clients with any billing inquiries and payment processing. Born and raised in Vancouver, Lena graduated from Douglas College with a BBA in Accounting. Currently, she has over 15 years of bookkeeping experience in various industries and accounting firms. She enjoys living […]

Michelle Hunt

Michelle is the Client Liason for the Genex team. Multi-entrepreneurial for over 20 years, primarily in healthcare, she has a diversified skillset and loves working with people and their unique business stories. She is dedicated to finding win-win solutions and is not afraid to use her Jedi-like yoga skills to see a new perspective on […]