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Virtually everyone uses search engines to find what they are looking for. If you’re like most business owners, you know how important it is to be on the front page of the Internet. But getting there is an uphill battle. And nothing is more frustrating than seeing your competitors outrank you.

To make matters worse, anyone can get in the top search results simply by purchasing the right keyword. How’s a small business ever going to compete! You may even be the leader of your market, yet it’s the business you’ve never thought of as your competition that is appearing first in search results and getting the leads.

Get immediate results
for pennies

in comparison to what your competitors are paying

Sure, you could do what many businesses do and blow your entire marketing budget on the “ever-so-convenient” DIY advertising setup. But you realize it’s a frivolous way to spend money, not to mention it’s only a matter of time when a competitor using a professional search advertising service comes along.

To be successful at search advertising, you not only need professional support, but the advantage of a highly optimized approach. With the right partner, you can leapfrog all your competitors and get immediate results for much less than what your competitors are paying while taking positions above them!


1. Proven Methodology:
With smart campaign structure, in-depth keyword research and a highly optimized strategy, we propel your business to the top, so that you can start collecting leads and making sales immediately.
2. Sophisticated Process:
Our experienced team of certified search advertising specialists don’t assume they know which keywords your customers are using to search out your offerings, but instead use sophisticated tracking tools and techniques to ensure you get only the most qualified traffic at the best rate.
3. Enhanced Optimization:
You are never left in the lurch! We continue to monitor, analyze and adjust your campaigns to ensure optimal performance so that you can rest assured knowing your ads always come out on top for keywords important to you, while your competitors struggle to keep up.

Elevate your
business with an
affordable, proven advantage

Our search marketing experts have specialized in search advertising since the early 2000s. We know the immense value search has for businesses of all sizes and types. We have seen our clients skyrocket their business by getting their offerings in front of their most motivated buyers at exactly the right time.

Search advertising is crucial to any marketing strategy. And if you think it’s going to cost an arm and leg to have a partner like us, we are sorry to disappoint you. Not only is our service highly effective, but with sophisticated tools and decades of experience, it’s extremely affordable for any business.

Here are some of the benefits you gain from working with us:

Enhanced Essentials

Instant Results:
Every search you don’t show up for is a missed opportunity! Can you afford to wait? Save yourself the time and hard work of trying to get to the top of the page and be among the first search results today.
Direct Response:
People using search engines know exactly what they want, and they want it now. We know exactly what message and creatives to use and how to deliver them at exactly the right time to turn clicks into high-value leads.
Proportionate Costs:
Unlike traditional media or even other forms of digital advertising, search has a direct correlation to the number of leads you get, so you only pay for qualified sales opportunities.
Flexible Options:
Choose from a variety of campaign goals and ad types, from text-based ads to eye-catching graphics and even video ads created by our experienced team of graphic artists. Even if you don’t currently have a website, we can make search advertising work for you!
Provable ROI:
We track everything and will provide you with regular reports, so you never have to guess where every penny of your hard-earned dollar is going and the results you’re getting from it.


Hyper-Specific Targeting:
Target by age, gender, location, interests, behaviour, major life events, device and other demographics! We can even make your ads show up at a specific time of day that’s important to you. i.e.: “Lunchtime pizza special near me.”
Crafty Retargeting Tactics:
Ever had an ad “follow” you around? Target ads to people who’ve been in contact with your brand to nudge them back towards making a sale – or use your customer list to target back your most likely prospects.
Multi-Test for
Amplified Reach:

Extend campaigns to other websites, YouTube and apps to amplify your reach and get even more results with the display network.
Enhanced Relevancy:
There’s nothing worse than paying for traffic you don’t want. Our specialists employ specialized tactics to make sure you show up for the right keywords and ones that your competitors don’t even know about!
Increased Conversions:
You’ve got their attention. Now what? Our search specialists will optimize your landing page content – which, in turn, increases your quality sore and keeps costs down.
Advanced Search Insights:
With specialized tools like Google Analytics, you can dig deep and get the highly relevant data you need to make better decisions from advertising in an active marketplace.
Enhanced Geofencing Tactics:
Have your ads appear in super specific locations that you know your customers are – or use geofencing to test other markets. Now you can take advantage of opportunities your competitors undervalue or may have missed entirely!

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