If you are like most business owners, you know your customers are on social media. It’s where everyone is! But even if you are a creative person who has time to sit down and write, you are missing out. The reason is, creating posts on a page is not social advertising. To us, social advertising is the act of deploying highly targeted ads on the most effective sites for your business.

Let’s face it, businesses are not successful on the world’s most popular social media sites because they can post for free. Which is why every site has sophisticated ad management systems to get those hyper-direct ads to slow your scroll – including the ones that mysteriously seem to “follow” you around.

Finally, the troubles of social media
won’t keep you up at night

When you think about social media, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. There are too many sites to choose from. To make matters worse, just when you get comfortable with one, it changes. Keeping up feels impossible! So is knowing how to present your business, especially when everyone has an opinion and isn’t afraid to share it!

But you want to bring attention and traffic to your work. You want that sale to be a success. You want people to call you. You want them to say, “I came here because I saw this on my phone.” The good news is, you can do this – without having to risk hiring someone who claims to be “social media savvy,” but only on THEIR favourite platform, not the ones that work for your business.

Now you can get big results from social media
without lifting a finger

If you don’t have time to learn and keep up with complicated and ever-changing social media – not to mention create eye-catching ads and deal with the anxiety of what got done in a hurry causing a wave of negative comments, then you need the help of an experienced social advertising team.

What’s more, with the right partner you can get big results – even if you’re a small business on a shoestring budget!


1.Catchy Creatives:
Considering platform policy, we create attention-grabbing ads with graphics and post text designed to maximize performance and make your business look good.
2.Optimized Objective:
Not all campaign objectives are created equal! Our team of social advertising experts use strategy and years of experience to set the ideal criteria for your campaign so that you get the results you want.
3.Defined Audience:
Using insights and advanced targeting options, we build and develop audience(s) of the people most interested in your offerings while maintaining account compliance and getting you the most bang for your buck.
4.Strategic Ad Buy:
We do all the planning and allocate your budget efficiently to achieve the desired outcome and prevent inefficient spending.

By focusing on the
metrics that matter
you can reach new heights

The point of social media is to accomplish a real goal, not just be good at social media. Our team focuses on the metrics that matter, to help you not only enhance your presence on social sites but reach new heights in your business!

Having ran the campaigns of hundreds of local businesses, as well as big brands, we have developed extremely potent methods to make social advertising work for you. You might be wondering how we achieve this. Here are some more details:

Enhanced Essentials

Power-Packed Strategy:
It doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming, but it does have to align with your goals. Work with our marketing specialists to get clarity and finally make social media work for you.
Professional Appearance:
Amateur hour is over – no more cringeworthy content! Our professional writers and graphic artists will create and optimize your social media content to not only engage your audience, but ensure that words, phrases and images in your ads comply with platform policy.
Precision Targeting:
Target people by interest, location, behaviour and more. Now you can pinpoint an incredibly specific audience for pennies!
Consistent Presence:
Can your business afford dead space when people are looking at their social media? Our team will not only keep your account looking active but ensure that what you put out there builds your brand.
Collective Specialists:
One person can’t do it all. Get optimal results from a team of experts using a proven, efficient process for less than the cost of a part-time in-house social media person.
Platform Prioritization:
Not all social networks are ideal for your business. Let us evaluate your market and select the right social network(s) to prioritize.
Page Optimization:
Details matter! We will make sure all your info is up to date and that your page is optimized for the best results.

Comprehensive Techniques

Crafty Retargeting Tactics:
Go deep and create audiences and campaigns exclusively from people who have interacted with your business for pennies – to make sure they don’t forget you when making a buying decision.
Sophisticated Tracking:
Use your website in conjunction with marketing campaigns to retarget customers and reach new people who are most likely to buy from you.
Multi-Test for
the Best:

Utilize multiple creatives and audiences to see what your potential customers respond best to and where you should focus your effects.
Deep-Level Insights:
Get a ton of valuable insights into your customers to understand their wants and needs to make smarter marketing decisions.

Best Practices

Next-Level Support:
Our team has all the connections and knows the inns and outs of social media, so you don’t have to. No more hours of digging through layers of how-to and help articles!
Brand Protection:
What, when and how to respond – these aren’t things that should keep you up at night! Now you can finally relax knowing you’ve got expertise on your side.
Account Reputation:
Having your ad rejected by the platform can cause big issues for your account. Let our team protect your account’s good name and handle policy compliance for you.
ROI-Driven Results:
Let the data do the talking! We track the success of each ad creative to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your investment. Plus, you never have to guess how your ads are doing!

Get the most out of social advertising now!

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