Enhanced Essentials

Power-Packed Strategy:
It doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming, but it does have to align with your goals. Work with our marketing specialists to get clarity and finally make social media work for you.
Professional Appearance:
Amateur hour is over – no more cringeworthy content! Our professional writers and graphic artists will create and optimize your social media content to not only engage your audience, but ensure that words, phrases and images in your ads comply with platform policy.
Precision Targeting:
Target people by interest, location, behaviour and more. Now you can pinpoint an incredibly specific audience for pennies!
Consistent Presence:
Can your business afford dead space when people are looking at their social media? Our team will not only keep your account looking active but ensure that what you put out there builds your brand.
Collective Specialists:
One person can’t do it all. Get optimal results from a team of experts using a proven, efficient process for less than the cost of a part-time in-house social media person.
Platform Prioritization:
Not all social networks are ideal for your business. Let us evaluate your market and select the right social network(s) to prioritize.
Page Optimization:
Details matter! We will make sure all your info is up to date and that your page is optimized for the best results.