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Search advertising is the fastest way to climb the online ranks and get your offerings in front of your most motivated customers. Genex Marketing is a leading Google Ads Management agency in Lethbridge and Cranbrook, offering a unique, proven approach that helps businesses of all sizes throughout Southern Alberta and the Kootenays generate more leads and sales immediately.

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The benefits of working with Genex Marketing for your Google Ads management:

Instant Results

Every search you don’t show up for is a missed opportunity! Can you afford to wait? Save yourself the time and hard work of trying to go the top of the page and be among the first search results today.

Direct Response

People using search engines know what they want and want it now. We know what message and creatives to use and how to deliver them at the right time to turn clicks into high-value leads.

Proportionate Costs

Unlike traditional media or even other forms of digital advertising, Google Ads have a direct correlation to the number of leads you get, so you only pay for qualified sales opportunities.

Provable ROI

We track everything and will provide you with regular reports, so you never have to guess where every penny of your hard-earned dollars is going and the results from it.

What are Google Ads?

Bing and Yahoo may be relevant, but when it comes to search, Google is King. Did you know the No. 1 search engine in the world handles over 8.5 billion searches every day? And these people are ready to buy!

Google Ads allow businesses to appear at the top of Google search results at the very moment a customer is looking for their offerings. Other strategies, such as SEO, have the potential to get you to the top, however, it takes time and patience for that to happen. With Google Ads, your offerings can be top of the page tomorrow. And you can show up for only the keywords important to you, the ones resulting in qualified sales leads.

Don’t try this at home

As you can imagine or may have already experienced if you’ve tried managing Google Ads on your own, search advertising can be highly competitive. If you’re not careful you could end up spending thousands of dollars bidding on keywords that yield little to no results. That is why you need to work with a partner that employs advanced techniques and a highly optimized approach.

Our team has specialized in search advertising since the early 2000s. We are a Google Partner as well as Google Ads and Google Analytics certified. With decades of experience and our unique, proven approach, not only are our Google Ads management services highly effective, but extremely affordable as well.

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Get exceptional results from our advanced techniques and tactics

We employ a variety of advanced techniques to help our clients reach their business goals and better understand their target market.

Hyper-Specific Targeting

Target by age, gender, location, interests, behaviour, major life events, device and other demographics. We can even make your ads show up at a specific time of the day that’s important to you.

Crafty Retargeting Tactics

Ever had an ad “follow” you around? Target ads to people who’ve been in contact with your brand to nudge them back towards making a sale – or use customer lists to target back your most likely prospects.

Enhanced Relevancy

There’s nothing worse than paying for traffic you don’t want. We have specialized tactics to make sure you show up for the right keywords and the ones your competitors don’t even know about!

Increased Conversions

You’ve got their attention. Now what? Our search specialists will optimize your landing page content, which, in turn, increases your Ads quality score and keep costs down.

Advanced Search Insights

With specialized tools like Google Analytics, you can dig deep and get the highly relevant data you need to make better decisions from advertising in an active marketplace.

Enhanced Geofencing Tactics

Have your ads appear in specific locations that you know your customers are – or use geofencing to test other markets. Take advantage of opportunities your competitors undervalue or miss entirely.

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Local businesses we have worked with

We have managed the Google Ads campaigns of clients in Lethbridge and across Southern Alberta and Cranbrook and the Kootenays, as well as national brands. Let us grow your market presence!


Genex is my “one-stop shop” for marketing. Their great staff have helped me focus my marketing efforts and grow my business with measured results, all while keeping my budget under control.

Con Murphy, Cranbrook Pest Control

We have been working with Genex since 2018 and are very happy with the results. They understand our requirements and were able to build social media and search campaigns that reach our target market, helping us to raise our brand awareness, get more website traffic and earn more business. The team’s professionalism and responsiveness to any questions I have is much appreciated. With the marketing side of my business off my plate I’ve been able to direct more of my time on the daily operation and future direction of my business.

Sebastiaan van der Horst, Kootenay Computer

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Want even more outstanding results?

Users seeking out your offerings online will see paid search ads show up before organic results. A good search engine marketing strategy can get your brand into both spots.

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